Prismo Capabilities

Continuous risk assessment:  Event-driven discovery of  users, assets and transactions. Assess risk and expose blind spots. Highlight configuration drift in CMDB, AD, DNS

Minimize attack surface:  Combine real-time activity with configuration to discover risks and enforce controls. Discover vulnerabilities using CVE and Microsoft KB. Delete unused accounts. Policies protect until patched

Excess privileges and misconfiguration:  Validate user identity with local accounts to halt lateral movement. Identify outlier behavior for users, networks and data access to detect human oversight and errors

Prevent Malware from installing:  Provenance policies block advanced Malware, including Ransomware, at install

Assure NIST compliance with NextGen GRC:   Map controls to NIST framework. Risk Registry, persona specific active dashboards for C-suite, architects and analysts. Detailed 3 to 7 year audit trail in the data lake

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