Assure Zero Trust, Least Privilege

Any-to-Any. End-to-End. Every Request.

Assure Zero Trust,

Least Privilege

Any-to-Any. End-to-End. Every Request.

Prismo Transaction Graph™ enforces Zero Trust with Least Privilege to reintroduce fortified perimeters in a borderless age.

Zero Trust eliminates blind spots, slashes false positives, minimizes dwell time and converges the security stack.

Experience the benefits of Zero Trust, Least Privilege in your enterprise.

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Security Reimagined

What if you could ... ?

  • Authenticate entities continuously on every request? ... Zero Trust
  • Authorize minimum permissions only for that request? ... Least Privilege
  • Authenticate & authorize at massive scale & zero touch? ... Operationalize

Zero Trust, Least Privilege:

  • Malware will fail to even install on any device in the enterprise.
  • APIs will be blocked if they exploit known or zero-day vulnerabilities.
  • Rogue Insiders would not have extra permissions to exfiltrate data.

Reintroduce fortified perimeters in a borderless age.

Product Requirements to Realize Zero Trust

1. Any-to-Any Access Control
  • Any Actor; Any Resource
  • Any Actor TO Any Resource
2. End-to-End Interactions
  • Heterogeneous, Global Enterprise
  • Across App Tiers, Devices, Networks
3. Every Request Analyzed
  • Complete inspection
  • At scale, not sampled

Introducing Transaction Graph™

Trust Fabric™

Trust Studio™

Transaction Graph™ separates the data plane (Fabric) from the control plane (Studio).

  • Trust Fabric™ enforces access between actors and resources
  • Trust Studio™ enables Zero-Touch Entitlement Management

What is Trust Fabric™?

Enforces Granular Access Control

  • Any Actor or Resource: Users, Devices, Apps, APIs, Files
  • Any-to-Any: Any Actor to Resource access combination
  • End-to-End: Over Application Tiers, Distributed Systems and Networks
  • Every Request: 10M Entities, 100M Transactions/sec
  • Enterprise: Distributed, Heterogeneous, Global

What is Trust Studio™?

Automates Entitlement Management

  • Discover: Actor, Resource, Interaction
  • Model: What-If?, Dry Run, Conflict Map
  • Grant: Analytical, Guided, User Intent
  • Enforce: Dynamically from Control Plane
  • Assure: 3 year Replay, 1-click Validation
  • Response: Root Cause, Impact Analysis
  • Revoke: Simplify Changes, Feedback

Zero Trust, Least Privilege Yields Better Results @ Lower Cost

Eliminate Blind Spots

Any-to-Any interactions provide full visibility across the enterprise.

Slash False Positives

End-to-End transactions record precise causation not correlation.

Minimize Dwell Time

Authentication & Authorization on every Request blocks at Entry point.

Reduce CAPEX and OPEX

Converge the stack and automate operations to lower costs.

Comply per NIST4

Elevate to NIST4 "Adaptive" compliance.

Assure with Confidence

Obtain evidentiary proof from the data lake's 3-year storage.

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Experience the benefits of Zero Trust, Least Privilege in your enterprise.