Active Cyber Risk Management

Expose Blind Spots  •  Minimize Attack Surface  •  Mitigate Breach Risk

Prismo is the first Cyber Risk Management platform to continuously expose security blind spots, minimize attack surface, and actively mitigate enterprise breach risk.

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Your siloed security tools create enormous risk

Today's enterprise security stack contains 75-100 specialized point products that are manual, reactive and siloed.
These tools create enormous complexity, analyst fatigue, and risk in the form of security blind spots.

"The average security organization spends $18M annually and has been largely ineffective at preventing breaches, IP theft, and data loss. The fragmented approach has not worked."

-Dan Schoenbaum, High Tide Advisors

Transaction Graph is the industry's first security data lake

Prismo transforms how security telemetry is collected, analyzed, stored and acted upon.

Transaction Graph enables enterprises to connect silos, expose blind spots, and actively prioritize and mitigate risks.

Transaction Graph is the industry's first security data lake
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 Continuously expose blind spots & mitigate breach risk

The vast majority of enterprise breach risk stems from Inherent Risk due to missing controls and poor security hygiene and Imminent Risk from threats already present in the environment.

Prismo is the first unified and integrated security platform able to continuously expose blind spots, actively reduce attack surface to control Inherent Risk, and amplify MITRE tactics to contain Imminent Risk.    

Continuously expose blind spots & mitigate breach risk
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The average enterprise has 75+ tools but none that expose and resolve blind spots.

The Prismo Enterprise Risk Model

Consistent  •  Continuous  •  Comprehensive  •  Actionable

The Prismo risk model provides a comprehensive view of risk across users, assets and applications, providing actionable insights and control for CISOs, architects, and analysts.


Discover & Assess

  • Users, assets, transactions
  • Event-driven, continuous
  • Aggregated, normalized
  • Prioritized risks to act on

Control Inherent Risk

  • Minimize attack surface
  • Just-enough privileges
  • Easy-to-use intent policy
  • ML-based analytics

Contain Imminent Risk

  • Slash threat dwell time
  • Respond in 1-click
  • Model-based automation
  • Threat hunting toolkit

Assure & Comply

  • NextGen GRC
  • NISTIR 8286, NIST Core
  • Risk Registry and KPIs
  • 3 year detailed audit trail

Cyber Risk Management is built for all security stakeholders

Improved ROI


Improved ROI

Secure transformation
• Simplified security stack
• Seamless insertion
• Automated operations

NextGen GRC


NextGen GRC

Quantify exposure
• Prioritize security spend
• Assure NIST compliance

• Efficient audits

Precise Control


Precise Control

Reduce attack surface
• Easy-to-use intent policies
• Conform to MITRE Tactics
• Model-based automation

Efficient Response


Efficient Response

Slash false positives
• Prioritized threats
• 1-click response

• Threat hunting toolkit

Customer Spotlight:


See how the Prismo platform helps Agora secure both the edge and the cloud to enable digital transformation for the oil and gas industry.

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