360° Workload Protection

Continuous Zero Trust-based Protection from Code to Cloud

Secure workloads against supply chain, ransomware, and runtime attacks in production.

Prismo's Zero Trust based Security Platform provides automated vulnerability management, full lifecycle protection against known and zero day threats, and real-time protection in production.

Threats actors are increasingly targeting workloads


Today, the infrastructure that runs your code and software is continuously targeted by threat actors via:

  • Exploitation of known and zero-day vulnerabilities
  • Lateral movement across the network and enterprise
  • Installation and detonation of ransomware
  • Sophisticated supply chain attacks

Attacks against workloads bypass conventional security controls

Today's advanced threats can't be prevented with endpoint protection or network micro-segmentation alone.

Lateral Movement 315 Avg Days to
Detect & Contain a Breach
Software Supply Chain 430 % Increase in
Open Source Attacks
Ransomware 150% Year over Year
Growth in Attacks

Prismo provides full-lifecycle protection for workloads

Proactively protect workloads across provisioning, operations, execution, and maintenance functions.

Prismo protects the physical and virtual workloads that run your code across their entire lifecycle and ensures high security for highly fluid environments.

  • Provisioning: Starting from a verified golden image with a CIS hardened configuration, Prismo validates integrity of all subsequent installs, library updates, vulnerability patches and configuration changes.
  • Execution: System and network application behavior is profiled to granularly authorize access to every resource. Segmentation is automated with what-if, dry-run, and intent-based policies to eliminate human error.
  • Operations: Tasks performed by scripts, service accounts, and tools  are discovered and fingerprinted to detect and block backdoors in sanctioned channels.
  • Maintenance: Standing access to production servers is denied by default. Just-in-Time (JIT) certificate-based pin-holes are dynamically provisioned to allow support personnel to perform only authorized tasks.

Ensure the integrity of your
supply chain software

Fingerprint commercial and open source software and whitelist behavior
to protect against backdoors and zero-day exploits 

Open-Source and commercial software are susceptible to backdoors and vulnerabilities making the enterprise vulnerable to supply chain and ransomware attacks. Prismo ensures the integrity of the software supply chain by:

  • Automatically building an execution profile of images that includes 3rd party applications, open source and OS
  • Extracting the security fingerprint and certifying the image against industry standard frameworks ( CIS, MITRE, and NIST)
  • Programmatically verifying the certified fingerprint is consistent between upgrades, patches, and in production



Prismo Supply Chain Software Workflow


Protect workloads from ransomware

Proactively protect workloads against ransomware to avoid operational disruption and business impact

Myriad attack vectors such as phishing emails, infected websites, malvertising, fake applications, and infected storage devices make it virtually impossible for organizations to keep ransomware out of their environments entirely. Prismo provides proactive protection, early detection, and real-time response to mitigate ransomware at all stages of an attack:

  • Pre-Attack:  Ransomware is  proactively blocked at install time by restricting the provisioning of software to sanctioned channels.
  • Attack: In the event of a compromise, Prismo rapidly detects ransomware-specific behaviors and blocks lateral movement to minimize dwell time. 
  • Post Attack: Prismo increases cyber-resiliency by providing "server-rollback" capabilities to quickly restore affected systems,  minimizing operational disruption and business impact.


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Protect workloads with
resource-level segmentation

Fine-grain segmentation of all workload-related resources secures physical and virtual workloads 


Prismo provides continuous protection of physical and virtual workloads with fine-grain segmentation of  every workload-related resource: 

  • Continuously discovers VMs, ports, and traffic flows
  • Enforces segmentation of apps, domains, users, and services
  • Reduces human effort and errors with automation

Micro-segmentation Solution Brief

Work from Anywhere
with Secure Virtual Desktops

Isolate the enterprise from risky end-user behavior and activities 

The Benefits of Zero Trust-based
Workload Protection

Prismo reduces risk, increases agility and responsiveness, and cuts costs

Minimize Exposure

Minimizes the security exposure surface even for fully distributed architectures and operations

Increase Agility

Enables organizations to pursue new business opportunities and respond more quickly to market changes

Lower TCO

Zero Trust architecture leverages real-time automation to slash direct and indirect security costs

Protect the Brand Protects against brand-impacting exfiltration of sensitive information and prevents costly fines and penalties

Customers Agree

Secure internal applications against external and internal threats

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