Network Engineer/Lab manager

Santa Clara, CA


 Manage company's IT and Lab infrastructure



Lab Management

  • Setup lab (e.g. config firewall, router, DNS, DHCP server) and all cloud services (e.g. AWS, GCP, Azure, docker hub).
  • Secure access to lab and all cloud services (e.g. 2FA, okta, openvpn, zscalar)
  • Maintain and harden all servers in lab, and control individual’s access
  • Provide HA in lab (e.g. redundant HW, etc)
  • Plan and implement lab growth (including HW purchase/installation)
  • Monitor lab performance and security
  • control external/customer access to the lab


IT Support

  • Maintain and enhance all internal tools (e.g. bitbucket, jira, confluence, email, etc)
  • Integrate latest tools to Prismo environments
  • Develop ways to share external documents (e.g. S3, confluence) and big images with customers
  • Manage office internet access
  • Help new hire onboarding


Other additional responsibilities

  • Office support
  • Nice to help creating Prismo standard VM images with required packages
  • Potentially - help release management


  • 10-year experience in networking support
  • Very experienced in networking (router/switch/VPN/firewall), system (Linux/Windows/Container) and applications. It’s a plus if having experience with PAN firewall
  • Good at scripting - shell script, python
  • Knowledgeable with makefile and SW packaging
  • Knowledgeable in configuring/security/maintaining IT environment.
  • Good trouble shooting/debugging skill