Partner Deal Registration

Register a deal with Prismo 

Submit your sales opportunity to our partner team for evaluation.

Deal Registration Criteria:
  • The deal is not being pursued directly by Prismo at the time the partner submits the deal.
  • The deal is not registered by another Prismo partner.
  • The deal is not the subject of an RFP, or similar tender process, that has been published provided, however, that before such RFP, or similar tender process, has been published, the partner shall be eligible to register the deal.
  • Before registering a deal, the partner must make reasonable pre-sales efforts, such as meeting with the end-user’s decision-makers, qualifying the deal, helping the end-user to quantify the project budget with Prismo products or services, and helping the end-user to define the project requirements to include Prismo products or services. Partner may be asked to provide documentation of such efforts, including proof of date and time, to be provided to Prismo on request.

Deal Registration Process:
  • The partner completes and submits the deal registration form. The first artner to submit a deal that meets all of the deal registration criteria specified above, as determined by Prismo at its sole discretion, will receive an approved deal registration for that deal.
  • If a deal is approved, Prismo will notify the partner by e-mail. Prismo generally notifies partners of its decision within one to two business days.
  • If a deal is declined, Prismo will notify the partner by e-mail, and will include the reason(s) for such decision.

Registration Period:
  • A Partner must close an approved deal prior to the expiration of the Registration Period, which is 90 days from deal registration. Partners may request one extension per deal, and Prismo may extend the Registration Period if sufficient justification exists, per its sole discretion.